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“Dime has an aggressive grip at Duke and beyond. We completely sold out of our one-of-one pieces. Excited to see what’s next for Dime!”

Esther Hong
Founder of Petrichor Vault

“We started working with Dime pretty recently and Duke is a market where there are lots of cups used. The launch was a success for us and we hope to further build out our B to C strategy with Dime.”

Michael Medvedev, Peter Frelinghuysen
Founder of Earthcups

“Thank you so much to Dime. We sold thousands at the launch and increased brand presence and marketing within our community. Let’s definitely figure something out together for future success.”

Drew Frank & Adam Frank
Founder of Concrete Hills

“It was a great opportunity with Dime, as we got to connect with a lot of people within the Durham community. At the launch, we got a great understanding of how customers react and how we can best sell our products. Go Abby!”

Franck Temgoua
Founder of BDC

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